The Cromemco Dazzler video interface card celebrated its 40th birthday this year (2016). It was introduced to the general public on the cover of the February 1976 issue of Popular Electronics Magazine.

In celebration, this page provides some difficult to find resources for the Dazzler.

1) The complete Dazzlemation manual, including memory dump and automatic disassembly, provided by Dr. Harry Garland.
Cromemco Dazzlemation Manual (pdf)

2) A proper hand disassembly and reconstruction of the program.
DZMATION.ASM  ---  This can be assembled using the standard CP/M 2.2 "ASM" assembler to produce this HEX file:
DZMATION.HEX  ---  This HEX file can be simply converted to this ENT file:
DZMATION.ENT  ---  This ENT file can be used with my RUNENT program here:RUNENT
Once running, you can "feed" the program this stream of bytes:

Note that the above files are configured for a serial console on a Cromemco FDC serial port. Read the embedded comments for instructions to convert to other serial ports. I will soon add a version of Dazzlemation for CP/M. It will run from 0x0100, use CP/M console I/O routines and will load and store animations from the CP/M file system.

3) A scan of the full Dazzler Schematic and Foil Diagrams (Maintenance Manual).
Dazzler Maintenance Manual (original jpegs)
Dazzler Maintenance Manual (high res pdf)
Dazzler Maintenance Manual (low res pdf)
(Thanks Dave McGuire and Paul Birkel)

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